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Heritage Christian School Athletics

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Heritage Athletics Alumni

As our athletes graduate from Heritage, the Athletic Department and fans are proud to follow those who are given the opportunity to play sports at the collegiate and professional levels. If you know of an alumnus who is not included below, please feel free to contact the Athletic Department.

Professional Athletes

Grad Year Athlete Team
2017 Hayden Wynja Scottsdale Scorpions (Baseball)
2016 Tyasha Harris Connecticut Sun (Womens Basketball)
2010 David Ledbetter Retired (Baseball)
2010 Ryan Ledbetter Retired (Baseball)
2009 Kelly Faris Retired (Womens Basketball)

College Athletes

Grad Year Athlete School
2023 Evelyn Gordon Southern Wesleyan University (Cross Country)
2023 Kendall Hickey Ohio University (Volleyball)
2023 Bella Wynja Mercer University (Volleyball)
2023 Macy Ward Cornerstone University (Volleyball)
2023 Alex Hyska Knox College (Baseball)
2023 Calie Beikes IUPU Columbus (Softball)
2023 Carter Taylor Taylor University (Football)
2023 Jacob Ingle University of the Cumberlands (Mens Lacrosse)
2023 Ethan Andrews Taylor University (Mens Lacrosse)
2023 Jana Webb Manchester University (Softball)
2023 Sam Graves Hanover College (Football)
2023 Olivia Endris Quincy University (Volleyball)
2023 CJ Opper Mt. Saint Joseph (Football)
2023 Andrew Wiggins Indiana University (Baseball)
2023 Dylan Doss Rockford University (Mens Basketball)
2023 Hayden Hicks Wabash College (Mens Lacrosse)
2023 Collin Thompson North Central College (Football)
2023 Luke Valerio Mt. Saint Joseph (Football)
2023 Isaac Wilson Trine University (Mens Basketball)
2023 Kyle Antoine Indiana Wesleyan University (Football)
2023 Myles Colvin Purdue University (Mens Basketball)
2022 Noelle Hooper Earlham College (Womens Soccer)
2022 Tyler Fields Heidelberg University (Baseball)
2022 Ellie McDonald University of Illinois Chicago (Womens Golf)
2022 Greta Hunsaker Huntington University (Womens Soccer)
2022 Alaina Schultze Purdue University Northwest (Track & Field)
2022 Jonathan Dorsch Indiana Wesleyan University (Baseball)
2022 Anna Lopez Anderson University (Womens Lacrosse)
2022 Audrey Booher Calvin College (Womens Lacrosse)
2022 Caroline Curnutt Hope College (Womens Lacrosse)
2022 Carsyn Burdine Olivet Nazarene University (Track & Field)
2022 Dalton Sheltz Anderson University (Mens Soccer)
2022 Elise Latham Butler University (Womens Lacrosse)
2022 Grace Marshall Anderson University (Womens Basketball)
2022 Jake Lemming Hope College (Mens Tennis)
2022 Mateo Jesch Anderson University (Football)
2022 Zac Schloemer Wheaton College (Football)
2021 Seth Ambrose Bethel University (Baseball)
2021 Tyranny Brown Southern Illinois University (Women's Basketball)
2021 Raven Colvin Purdue University (Volleyball)
2021 Gavin Crawford Anderson University (Baseball)
2021 Reid Gerig Taylor University (Football)
2021 Paige Hickey Bethel University (Volleyball)
2021 Morgan Hicks Ave Maria University (Women's Golf)
2021 Courtney Lee Hope Coolege (Women's Basketball)
2021 Mitch McGeath Taylor University (Men's Soccer)
2021 Abby Mennen Bethel University (Volleyball)
2021 Ryan Miller Wheaton College (Baseball)
2021 Max Milton Wittenberg University (Football)
2021 Mackenzie Myers DePauw University (Volleyball)
2021 AJ Pettit Gordon College (Men's Soccer)
2021 Elizabeth Phillips Arkansas State University (Volleyball)
2021 Lauren Rennie Indiana Wesleyan University (Women's Soccer)
2021 Emma Sego Anderson University (Women's Lacrosse)
2021 Garrien Sharp Illinois Wesleyan University (Football)
2021 Asher Thompson Ohio Christian University (Baseball)
2021 Harrison Waltz Wittenberg University (Football)
2021 Ari Wiggins University of Michigan (Women's Basketball)
2020 Harrison Eckel Taylor University (Football)
2020 Ethan Lowry DePauw University (Football)
2020 Aiden Craig Taylor University (Lacrosse)
2020 Brook Porter Trinity University (Softball)
2020 Ethan Salsbury Trine University (Football)
2020 Olivia Valentine Keisier University (Volleyball)
2020 Sam Azbell Trine University (Football)
2020 Peyton Brown Indiana Wesleyan University (Football)
2020 Connor Gordon Anderson University (Baseball)
2020 Sydney Watkins Miami University of Ohio (Basketball)
2020 Dalton Turner Grace College (Baseball)
2019 Sophia Snyder Taylor University (Soccer)
2019 Cooper Williams Xavier University (Baseball)
2019 Gretchen Harris Georgetown College (Lacrosse)
2019 Shelby Case University of Illinois at Chicago (Basketball)
2019 Rachel Phillips Molloy College (Volleyball)
2019 Lanee Andrew Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College (Soccer)
2019 Jarrod Lucas Aurora University (Lacrosse)
2019 Thomas Johnson Georgetown College (Football)
2019 Aidan Itamura University of Indianapolis (Lacrosse)
2019 Lauren Chapman Anderson University (Golf)
2019 Drew Pickering Taylor University (Golf)
2019 Asher King Indiana University (Football)
2019 Aidan Brunkow Manchester University (Soccer)
2019 Sarah Himes Cedarville University (Track & Field)
2019 Chase Crawford Bates College (Soccer)
2019 Ben Warner Taylor University (Football)
2019 Andrew Williams Wheaton College (Basketball)
2019 Will Christie Mount St. Joseph University (Basketball)
2019 Becky Madsen Cedarville University (Cross Country)
2018 Madison Candler University of Saint Francis (Volleyball)
2018 Katlyn Gilbert University of Notre Dame (Basketball)
2018 Bianca Blanks Capital University (Volleyball)
2018 Michael Preston Indiana Wesleyan University (Football)
2018 Peyton Estes Wheaton College (Football)
2018 Jair Adams Anderson University (Track & Field)
2018 Frankie Young Indiana State University (Track & Field)
2018 Delaney Brenner Hanover College (Lacrosse)
2018 Michelle Pierce Valparaiso University (Track & Field)
2018 Jadon Ambrose Cedarville University (Baseball)
2018 Joey Butz Huntington University (Baseball)
2018 Elijah Rotto Luther College (Soccer)
2017 Grace Tiernon University of Nebraska (Diving)
2017 Reyna Williams Taylor University (Soccer)
2017 Hayden Wynja Purdue University (Baseball)
2017 Jake McKenzie Ball State (Football)
2017 Jacob Snyder Lipscomb University (Track)
2017 Megan Williams Taylor University (Soccer)
2017 Trey Burdine Taylor University (Football)
2017 Drew Hilbert Olivet Nazarene University (Baseball)
2017 DeShawna Harper Alabama A&M University (Basketball)
2017 MJ Furnish Anderson University (Baseball)
2017 Kenzith Andrew Anderson University (Soccer)
2017 Grant Paris Hanover College (Basketball)
2017 Hannah Williams Wheaton College (Basketball)
2017 Anna Vander Meer Calvin College (Lacrosse)
2017 Abby Peklo Asbury University (Lacrosse)
2017 Nick Hamman Wabash College (Football)
2017 Anna Michna Asbury University (Softball)
2017 Hope Williamson Ohio Northern University (Volleyball)
2017 Sam McCloskey Mount St. Josephs - Cincinnati (Basketball)
2017 Issac Myers Wabash College (Football)
2017 Josh Foster Ohio Northern University (Lacrosse)
2016 Gary Naylor Benedict College (Basketball)
2016 Tyasha Harris University of South Carolina (Basketball)
2016 Darby Foresman Indiana University (Basketball)
2016 Isabel Bradley University of Indianapolis (Track)
2016 Joely Pinkston Indiana University (Track)
2016 Lindsay Boone Cedarville University (Soccer)
2016 Elizabeth Wiley Calvin College (Lacrosse)
2016 Natalie Shebek Bellarmine University (Golf)
2016 Megan Harrison Taylor University (Cross Country)
2016 Race Williams Anderson University (Soccer)
2016 David Riggs Wabash College (Soccer)
2016 Jonathan Gilbert Calvin College (Lacrosse)
2016 Jeremy Nutter DePauw University (Football)
2016 Drew Azbell DePauw University (Football)
2015 Sydney Hall IUPU - Indianapolis (Basketball)
2015 Peyton Fallis IUPU - Fort Wayne (Basketball)
2015 Allison Schofield Valparaiso University (Basketball)
2015 Jesse Kempson Indianapolis University (Basketball)
2015 Tyler Gerig Taylor University (Football)
2015 Andy Hunt DePauw University (Football)
2014 Ethan McKenzie Taylor University (Football)
2014 Colin Marsh Hanover College (Baseball)
2014 Ellen Williamson Oakland City University (Volleyball)
2014 Natalie Orr Washington Univ. - St. Louis (Basketball)
2014 Rachel Houck Milligan College (Softball)
2014 Josh Himes Rose Hulman Institute (Track & Field)
2013 Kathryn Gerig Taylor University (Cross Country)
2013 Matt Hunt DePauw University (Football)
2013 Jake Johnston Anderson University (Football)
2013 Anthony Warrum Illinois State University (Football)
2013 Anders Rotto Wheaton College (Soccer)
2013 Colin Daly Illinois Wesleyan University (Lacrosse)
2012 Jared Brandon Anderson University (Football)
2012 Gabby Bryant Grace College (Basketball)
2012 Randall Cork Valparaiso University (Football)
2012 Matt Costakis DePauw University (Football)
2012 Chris Davidson William & Mary (Cross Country)
2012 Grant Finlan Franklin College (Baseball)
2012 Hailey Harpst Indiana Wesleyan University (Volleyball)
2012 Seth Moffitt Malone University (Football)
2012 Sara Rogers Cedarville University (Soccer)
2012 Joel Smith Wheaton College (Basketball)
2012 Brittany Wells Kentucky Wesleyan College (Basketball)
2012 Brittany Webb University of South Alabama (Basketball)
2011 Maddie Ledbetter Cedarville University (Volleyball)
2011 Andrew Brill Taylor University (Football)
2011 Alex Cook Taylor University (Football)
2011 Nathan Hadley Wheaton College (Track, Cross Country)
2011 Andrew Harris Messiah College (Lacrosse)
2011 James Houck Wheaton College (Football)
2011 Luis Llerena Anderson University (Football)
2011 Daniel Myers Elon University (Tennis)
2011 Steffi Pok Tiffin University (Lacrosse)
2011 Liz Stratman Indiana University (Basketball)
2011 Sarah Wilkins Indiana Wesleyan College (Soccer)
2010 Chris Bennett Denison University (Track, Cross Country)
2010 John Cecil Taylor University (Tennis)
2010 Kelsey Christiansen Cedarville University (Volleyball)
2010 Matt Goldsberry Taylor University (Soccer)
2010 David Ledbetter Cedarville University (Baseball)
2010 Ryan Ledbetter Cedarville University (Baseball)
2010 Cam McWilliams Cedarville University (Baseball)
2010 Stephanie Rogers Cedarville University (Volleyball)
2009 Alex Butterworth Penn State University (Football)
2009 Elizabeth Counsell Calvin College (Swimming)
2009 Kelly Faris University of Connecticut (Basketball)
2009 Claire Freeman Indiana Wesleyan University (Basketball)
2009 Kelsey Johnston Indiana Wesleyan University (Soccer)
2009 Whitney Sweet Taylor University (Track)
2009 Chris Ward Cedarville University (Baseball)