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Circle City Conference

The Circle City Conference is a newly formed conference in the greater Indianapolis metro area made up currently of five like-minded schools to provide a framework for excellence in interscholastic athletic competition. Within a context of appreciation and support for the unique characteristics of member schools, the Conference enhances student opportunities and achievement in all areas of the each’s school program.

The Conference:
  • Emphasizes a values based athletic experience
  • Provides an environment in which sportsmanship is valued and displayed
  • Recognizes student achievement in a variety of endeavors
  • Raises the level of expectations and competition
  • Provides opportunities for the exchange of ideas and programs, and builds professional networks among members

Current member schools:
  • Bishop Chatard
  • Brebeuf Jesuit
  • Covenant Christian
  • Guerin Catholic
  • Heritage Christian
  • Roncalli

The Circle City Conference was formed to begin in July of 2016. The original founding schools of Bishop Chatard, Brebeuf Jesuit, Guerin Catholic and Roncalli competed in the 2016-17 school year with Heritage Christian added in the 2017-18 school year.

The Circle City Conference aims to restore a healthy and proper balance to the place of athletics in the educational setting and to the lives of each of our students. Sportsmanship is a key focus of the Conference and each member school will take responsibility for promoting a positive culture of sportsmanship, respect for one’s opponents, and proper behavior throughout each school’s athletic programs.

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