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18-19 Varsity Baseball Team
Heritage Christian Varsity Baseball team begins the 2019 season with a great trip to Louisville, KY and Nashville, TN.

Program Information

The HCS baseball team seeks to glorify God and disciple student-athletes within the context of the game of baseball. Our priorities include the teaching of a strong work ethic, godly character, persistence, courtesy to others, a family atmosphere on the team, outreach to our community, and perfecting the fundamentals of the game.

Team Philosophy

E - Each other
A - Attitude
G - God first
L - Little things are Big things
E - Effort
S - Service to others

Team Goals

A. Personal goal for each player = To conform to the image of Jesus Christ.

B. Team goals:

  1. To make all players disciples/followers of Jesus so that they become young men of high moral character and integrity.
  2. To be Christ’s ambassadors and witnesses to visiting teams, fans, umpires, etc. so that they would desire to know the God that loves them.
  3. To transform our team into a family so that all members treat each other with love, respect, and encouragement the way brothers would.
  4. To learn the discipline of a healthy work ethic so that all members give 100% effort in athletics and in life.
  5. To teach the fundamentals of the game of baseball so that we can perform well and enjoy competition.
  6. To play hard and within the spirit of sportsmanship so that we can win as many games as possible.

C. If we always seek to conform to Jesus’ likeness (see A.) in practices, games, meetings, during the school day & in our personal lives the other goals (#1-6) will take care of themselves.

Program Information

All School Year:
  • Advanced PE (weight training) – We strongly encourage all baseball players who want to contribute on varsity to get into the class as soon as possible (once they have completed the necessary PE credits – contact Guidance office if you are interested).
  • Coach Ambrose has lunch with each player to talk about the season, talk about life and pray together.

  • Open Cage - voluntary BP at the field (Twice per week through Oct.)
  • Two Saturday Field Work Days – work on field/facilities (Sept.-Oct.)
  • World Series party – a fun night to hang out with the team and watch the Fall Classic
  • Every other year – Meeting with parents and players who might be interested in gaining information about playing college baseball.

  • Players encouraged to take three months (Nov., Dec., Jan.) completely off from throwing (to rest/repair arms).
  • “Open cage” voluntary BP sessions after school or evenings twice per week. Beginning in mid-January (and lasting until beginning of official practice in mid-March
  • Begin pre-season workouts in late January – twice per week; usually one morning and one afternoon
  • “Family Night”– sometime in late winter the HS team gets together for a meal and Devotional/testimonial session where the gospel message is presented and all players are encouraged to think through their eternal destiny.
  • Jr/Sr Leadership Retreat - overnighter at a cabin for leadership training, fun and bonding.
  • Two Saturday Field Work Days in early March to prep field for upcoming season.

  • Official practice starts in mid-March (usually the third week). Practice times are: Daily after school until about 6:30pm and Sat. for about 4 hours.
  • Games begin the last week of March
  • Varsity (and some “swing” players) spring trip to TN – We play 3-4 games during the first few days of spring break. Players are on their own for the remainder of spring break.
  • Upon return from spring break, the bulk of the “regular season” takes place – with an average of 4-5 games per week.
  • Late May – Varsity plays in sectional tournament and continues as deep into June as they can get (State championship game played in mid-June)
  • Conference – HCS has joined the newly formed “Circle City Conference” in the Indy metro area.
  • City Tourn’t – Each season HCS baseball gets to compete in the City Tournt, with a chance to play the championship game at Victory Field in downtown Indy.

  • Most HCS players are members of quality travel baseball clubs who play anywhere from 25-50 games each summer all over the country.
  • Dominican Republic mission trip (usually last week in July)– any player wanting to participate needs to sign up and get his registration turned in during the fall and early winter. This trip is voluntary and life-changing!! During the week in the D.R. we spend about 50% of our time playing against Dominican teams, 25% doing mission work at villages and orphanages, and 25% of our time hanging out and having fun at the pool and beach. Contact Coach Ambrose for details.


2019-20 Schedules Coming Soon


  • 2000 – City Championship Runner-Up
  • 2001 – City Championship Semi-Finalist
  • 2003 – Sectional Runner-Up
  • 2005 – Regional Champions, City Championship Semi-Finalist
  • 2006 – City Championship Semi-Finalist, Sectional Runner-Up
  • 2007 – City Championship Semi-Finalist
  • 2008 – City Championship Semi-Finalist, Sectional Champions
  • 2009 – STATE CHAMPIONS, City Semi-Finalist
  • 2010 – STATE CHAMPIONS, City Runner-Up
  • 2012 – Sectional Runner-Up, City Semi-Finalist
  • 2013 – Sectional Runner-Up, City Semi-Finalist
  • 2014 – City Championship Semi-Finalist, Sectional Champions
  • 2015 – City Championship Semi-Finalist, Sectional Champions
  • 2016 – Sectional Champions, City Finalist
  • 2017 – Sectional Champions, City Finalist
  • 2018 – City Champions, Sectional Runner-Up

View the HCS Baseball Record Book.


Baseball Field

• Full-size baseball field complete with lights
• Dugout
• 20-foot-tall left field home run fence
• Nine inning scoreboard
• New 35-foot-tall backstop with tensioned netting
• Two-story press box with PA sound system
• Club house with player locker room
• 2 batting cages
• Irrigation system
• Concession stand and spectator seating
• Baseball program also includes 2 indoor batting cages

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Varsity Baseball
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College Signings

Congratulations to these athletes on their recent college signings:

Dalton Turner
Dalton Turner signed to play with Grace College.
(November 2019)

Cooper Williams
Cooper Williams signed to play with Xavier University.
(November 2018)

Jadon Ambrose
Jadon Ambrose signed to play with Cedarville University.
(February 2018)

Joey Butz
Joey Butz signed to play with Huntington University.
(December 2017)